Birth Injury Litigation in Massachusetts

At the law firm of Stephen J. Gordon & Associates, our experience with medical malpractice litigation can help parents whose child’s health and future life chances have been compromised by such avoidable birth injury problems as cerebral palsy, Erb’s palsy, or Group B strep infection. These conditions are generally not congenital birth defects, but instead might well be the results of negligence on the part of the obstetrician or other members of the delivery team.

If you need the advice of a lawyer who knows how to investigate and prove birth injury negligence claims, contact our law firm in Worcester or Scottsdale. We pursue medical malpractice claims against the professionals whose errors or carelessness injured your child.

The following are examples of the kinds of medical mistakes that can result in severe health problems or developmental disabilities in newborns:

Misdiagnosis of infection or other health problems in the mother during pregnancy
• Failure to consider the need for a c-section, especially for mothers who had previously delivered a child by c-section
• Errors in anesthesia
• Negligent failure to respond to circumstances during delivery that indicate high risk to the mother or the fetus
• Delay in ordering a c-section where breech delivery presents complications or unacceptable risks
• Mishandling of forceps or other surgical instruments, with resulting damage to the fetus’s head, shoulder or neck

Like other medical malpractice lawsuits, birth injury claims are highly dependent on your attorney’s ability to work with qualified medical professionals toward a theory of what went wrong and why. Then we support that theory with documentary evidence, expert opinion and your own family’s story to show just what the negligent physician’s mistake has meant and will continue to mean to you. With more than 43 years of trial experience, Stephen Gordon knows how to evaluate and develop a medical malpractice case, and can meet the challenges that might arise at any stage of the process.

For a free consultation about your legal options in a birth injury case, contact Stephen J. Gordon & Associates.