Proving Dental Malpractice

The consequences of malpractice on the part of a dentist can go far beyond a sore? tooth or swollen jaw — permanent nerve damage, chronic pain, or the loss of sensory taste or smell function might all be traced to negligent performance by a dental professional. If you need legal advice about your options for recovering damages in the aftermath of dental malpractice, contact a skilled trial lawyer at the law firm of Stephen J. Gordon & Associates.

With offices in Worcester, Massachusetts and Scottsdale, Arizona, our firm works with dentists, oral surgeons, and other professionals to determine whether your dental or facial problem might have been caused by a dentists negligence. Personal injury attorney Stephen Gordon has more than 43 years of trial experience, and knows how to develop and present the expert evidence necessary to establish your negligence claim as to both liability and damages.

Our law firm handles such dental malpractice cases as the following:

• Damage resulting from anesthetizing or injecting the wrong nerve
• Problems or complications related to tooth extractions, such as pulling too many teeth at once
• Root canal mistakes, especially those resulting in serious infection
• Trauma to the tongue, palate, or other parts of the mouth
• Failure to identify the signs of oral cancer and make appropriate referrals
Errors in oral surgery

Whether your case involves misdiagnosis or improper treatment of a dental problem, personal injury attorney Stephen Gordon has the sophisticated knowledge and experience necessary to make an accurate evaluation of your case and an effective presentation of the evidence that supports it.?To learn more about your prospects for a financial recovery on a dental malpractice claim, contact our office in to schedule a free consultation.