Proving Damages in Bicycle or Pedestrian Accidents

Anyone struck by a car while walking, running or riding a bicycle stands to benefit from the advice of an experienced personal injury lawyer. Contact the law firm of Stephen J. Gordon & Associates for a free consultation about your right to compensation in your case.

The main cause of bicycle or pedestrian injury accidents is inattention on the part of the driver. Our law firm represents victims of car accidents in negligence cases that include such circumstances as the following:

• Drunk driving accidents
• Hit and run accidents
• Distracted driving cases involving cell phones or other electronic devices
• Road rage incidents, especially between bicycles and cars
• Car door accidents involving parked autos and bicycles
• Accidents involving such moving violations as failing to observe a stop sign or failure to signal a lane change into the path of a bicyclist or runner
• Failure to stop behind a school bus
• Parking lot pedestrian accidents

Because of the exposed position of a pedestrian or a bike rider, even low-speed collisions can result in such serious injuries as fractures or brain trauma. Accidents at arterial or highway speeds are as likely as not to be fatal.

Personal injury attorney Stephen Gordon has more than 43 years of experience with the investigation and proof of claims in negligence cases. His skill with evidence, attention to detail in damages claims, and strategic sense in court can all help ensure that the full range of your losses will be properly presented for compensation.

Our law firm serves clients in both Massachusetts . For a free consultation about your legal rights in the aftermath of a pedestrian or bicycle accident, contact Stephen J. Gordon & Associates.