Proof of Car Accident Claims

If you or someone in your family has been injured in a car accident, the advice of an experienced personal injury lawyer can help you achieve many important objectives such as collecting the full value of your medical expenses and lost income, resolving any problems encountered with your own insurer on coverage questions, or making sure that your settlement is sufficient to cover future treatment needs.

Contact a knowledgeable car accident attorney at the law firm of Stephen J. Gordon & Associates for a free consultation about your right to compensation for injuries suffered in a car wreck in Massachusetts . With offices in Worcester and Scottsdale, we serve personal injury and wrongful death clients in both states.

With more than 43 years of trial experience, mostly in negligence and accident cases, Stephen Gordon knows how to analyze the facts of your situation in order to establish liability against the defendant and prove your damages.

We handle car accident claims involving such circumstances as the following:

Uninsured or underinsured motorist claims
• Hit and run or drunk driver claims
Truck accidents
Bicycle or Pedestrian accidents
Motorcycle accidents
• Defective auto components that might have caused the crash
• Injury claims on behalf of commercial or professional drivers
• Accidents in highway construction zones

Our clients have benefited from our ability to evaluate car accident injury claims accurately, so that your settlement or jury award can include all of the damages the facts and the law will allow for such injuries as fractures, extensive soft tissue damage to the neck or back, spinal cord trauma resulting in paralysis, or traumatic brain injury.

The opponent in a car accident lawsuit is usually the other driver’s insurance company, but is sometimes your own. Stephen Gordon has long experience with the claim settlement tactics applied by insurers to minimize their own exposure at the expense of injured drivers and passengers. His familiarity with these methods can protect you from the risk of an inadequate settlement, and his reputation as an outstanding trial attorney gives the insurers a powerful incentive to settle your case fairly.

For a free consultation about your right to compensation in a car accident case in either Massachusetts , contact the office of Stephen J. Gordon & Associates.