Highway Construction and Road Work Injury Claims

If you or a member of your family was injured in a motor vehicle accident that took place in a construction zone, contact the law firm of Stephen J. Gordon & Associates for a free consultation about your legal alternatives. We represent the victims of construction zone accidents in Massachusetts .

Members of the general driving public, highway construction workers, road maintenance crews, and even landscapers are at heightened risk in construction zones. Accidents can result from improper practices on the part of contractors, poorly marked detours or lane shifts on the part of state or local highway departments, or negligence on the part of drivers moving too fast through construction zones.

Our law firm’s long experience with the proof of damages claims in motor vehicle accident litigation combines with our ability to consider the varying liability of multiple defendants in construction zone accident cases. As a result, we can examine the contracts and safety regulations applicable to a particular project in order to find out who was responsible for maintaining a safe project site. It might well be that more than one defendant can be held liable, so that you have a better chance of collecting damages in the full amount of your injuries and losses, particularly in catastrophic injury cases.

We represent construction workers, flagmen, truck drivers, and members of the general public in highway construction zone litigation. Accident compensation attorney Stephen Gordon has more than 43 years of trial experience with complex negligence claims. To learn more about our ability to represent your interests effectively in a serious injury case, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer at Stephen J. Gordon & Associates.