Liability and Damages in Truck Accident Litigation

The law firm of Stephen J. Gordon & Associates represents truck accident victims in damages claims against truckers, freight companies, intercity bus operators, public transit authorities, and other commercial defendants. If you or someone in your family has been involved in a truck or commercial vehicle accident, contact an experienced personal injury attorney at either of our offices.

Whether your accident involved a semi tractor trailer crash on Interstate 10 in Phoenix or a parcel express truck on the Mass Pike, our knowledge of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations can help identify the operation and maintenance violations that can lead to a clear showing of liability. At the same time, our experience with the resolution of complex personal injury and wrongful death claims against commercial liability insurers can streamline the settlement process while taking full advantage of our reputation for success at trial.

In commercial vehicle accident litigation, the fact of corporate ownership and operation of the truck involved in the accident generally means that your ability to recover damages for severe injuries will not likely be limited by the low coverage usually carried by private motorists.

Instead, your lawyer will need to document your injuries, economic losses and future treatment needs in specific and credible detail up to the millions. Our experience with the documentation and proof of complex injury claims, through expert witnesses as necessary, can help ensure that the multimillion-dollar liability coverage maintained by commercial carriers will be available to compensate you and your family.

The insurance limits typical of private auto coverage will not be nearly enough to compensate you for the serious or disabling injuries characteristic of truck accidents:?extensive brain trauma, spinal cord injury, or severe burns. As a result, you can’t count on the legal tactics that work well enough in car accident cases. Call an attorney who knows how to prove high damages claims against corporate defendants in the trucking industry. Contact the office of Stephen J. Gordon & Associates for a free consultation.