Construction Accidents & Safety Requirements

Stephen J. Gordon & Associates are experienced and knowledgeable with all types of personal injury cases which may be brought resulting from construction accidents throughout Massachusetts and the surrounding areas.

Construction workers in Massachusetts are always in danger of being harmed or injured on the construction job site because of the negligence of others or because of faulty construction equipment. Despite all attempts to prevent construction site injuries, construction accidents still occur, and thousands of construction accidents occur annually where some construction workers are seriously injured. If you or someone you know has been injured in a construction site accident, you need a skilled Construction Accident Attorney on your side to protect your rights.

Safety Requirements

Every commercial or private work site requires the construction companies, or the municipal entities to inspect all aspects of the construction site. Additionally, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has developed construction site safety standards and regulations which apply to all construction site workers, construction site equipment, and training for all construction site workers. Unfortunately, OSHA believes that more than 1,000 construction workers will be killed on a construction site this year, where most of these deaths could have been prevented. Therefore, if any of these rules are guidelines are not followed on a Massachusetts Construction Site, the construction worker, or his family and loved ones, may bring a cause of action for his construction injuries. Although it is required that every Massachusetts construction worker be trained as to basic safety guidelines and precautions for operating construction equipment, how to properly lift heavy objects, handling dangerous materials and dangerous liquids, and recognizing potential construction site safety hazards – construction accidents still occur. Defective products, defective machines, improperly marked hazardous materials, improperly secured scaffolding, unsafe safety harnesses, as well as negligent or reckless fellow construction workers may create an unsafe working environment and may seriously injure you or fatally kill one of your fellow Massachusetts Construction Site Workers.

Some of the most common types of Massachusetts Construction Accidents include:

• Falling Object Accidents
• Forklift Accidents
• Scaffolding Accidents
• Roof Fall Accidents
• Run Over by Construction Equipment

The majority of construction workers who suffer construction site injuries, and their families, often feel overwhelmed with the mounting medical expenses, betrayed by the construction company they have worked for, and confused by the many legal options in recovering for their Massachusetts Construction Accident Injuries. Attorney Stephen J. Gordon can help you resolve all of these concerns.