Proving Damages in Spinal Cord Injury Cases

Quadriplegia or paraplegia is a serious risk of any injury to the spinal cord in a motor vehicle accident or surgical malpractice case. If you need advice about you legal options for recovering damages in a negligence case involving a serious injury to the spinal cord, neck or back, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer at the law firm of Stephen J. Gordon & Associates.

From our offices in Worcester and Scottsdale, we serve Massachusetts accident victims who will need permanent or long-term support in the aftermath of a disabling spinal cord injury. With more than 43 years of experience as a trial attorney in complex personal injury litigation, Stephen Gordon is highly skilled in developing and presenting evidence as to just how much you’ll need to compensate you fairly for such elements of damages as:

• Lost income to date and loss of future earnings
• Past and future medical expenses
• Past and future rehabilitative therapy expenses
• Adaptive living and technological needs at home, in the car, or at work
• Psychological counseling or psychiatric treatment
• Pain and suffering

In a case of paralysis, there is seldom any issue as to the severity of the plaintiff’s injuries, but there might well be a dispute as to what it will take to compensate the plaintiff fairly and provide for his or her future comfort to the greatest degree possible. Our experience with the development and presentation of evidence on these points can significantly increase the likelihood that you will collect what you have coming to you.

We also represent plaintiffs in litigation involving back, neck or spinal cord injury that does not result in paralysis. Lesions to the spinal cord, herniation or compression of disc tissue, or impingement of radial nerves can all present serious and long-lasting problems for an accident survivor following a motorcycle crash or fall at a construction site. Our experience with the documentation and presentation of damages in such cases can make a significant difference in the eventual resolution of your claim.

For a free consultation about our ability to represent your interests effectively in a case of back or spinal cord injury, contact Stephen J. Gordon & Associates.