Trial Counsel for Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice

Serving clients in Massachusetts , the law firm of Stephen J. Gordon & Associates concentrates on complex personal injury cases such as truck accidents, malpractice in emergency medicine or surgery, and nursing home negligence claims. To learn how you can benefit from the experience and skill of a trial lawyer who has taken more than 1,000 cases to court, contact us.

We offer free consultations in personal injury and wrongful death cases, and normally accept and litigate them on a contingent fee basis. In other words, we collect no attorney’s fee unless we win a settlement or jury verdict on your behalf. With 43 years of trial experience, Stephen Gordon knows how to assess the value of a personal injury claim, assemble and present the evidence to support it, and convince defendants and their insurers of the advisability of a fair settlement. If a personal injury or wrongful death claim cannot be resolved through negotiation, Mr. Gordon’s trial skills can make the decisive difference before a state or federal jury.

The investigation and proof of complex claims often depends on close cooperation with expert witnesses to develop technical evidence and present in court. Over the years, Stephen J. Gordon has developed a strong network of experts from many fields whose contributions to the proof of both liability and damages has been invaluable to the firms clients.

Our goal in personal injury and wrongful death litigation is to recover the greatest financial award possible for clients who will usually need everything they can get to help them get through the terrible ordeal of a disabling accident or a death in the family. To find out more about our experience with a claim like yours, contact us for a free consultation.